Interview With a Professional Gambler – Insights From the High-Stakes World

The phrase ‘professional gambler’ calls to mind a life of ease and luxury: green felt, big bets, king-sized coffers and a five-day work week if you’re lucky. Christatos Aristad is none of the above. Getting leadership right in high stakes situations certainly matters for new ventures, for mergers, for crises of varying types or other […]

Recognizing and Addressing Problem Gambling Behaviors

Gambling can quickly become an addiction that threatens personal finances, relationships and responsibilities. Recognizing the signs of problem gambling behavior is essential in order to avoid its negative repercussions and its resulting problems. Common symptoms may include persistent preoccupation with gambling, lying about activities related to it and chasing losses. Addiction As soon as someone […]

Evolving Roulette Tactics – Adapting to Modern Gaming

Fearing its allure would erode with the digital age’s arrival, roulette has managed to adapt well to online gaming despite initial fears. As a result, this iconic casino game remains an integral component in casinos worldwide and even video game universes. Strategies for roulette have developed to take into account both psychological and mathematical considerations, […]

Top 10 Slot Games You Must Try at Your Favorite Casino

Online casinos provide a diverse selection of slot games. Each has different themes and paylines; some even boast progressive jackpots that could yield six-figure returns! Players often opt for slots with themes they enjoy, such as their favorite TV show or movie. Other factors to consider may include graphics and gameplay. 1. When Pigs Fly […]

The Psychology of Roulette – How Emotions and Mindset Affect Your Gameplay

There are many psychological processes that can affect your gameplay. Whether you play roulette online or at a casino, these factors can influence your winnings or losses. Roulette has a certain allure that draws people in. Its elegant wheel and enticing bets create an experience that is both exciting and risky. Experiencing a Rush of […]

The Casino Auction Experience – Gambling For Unique Collectibles

At an auction, logic often goes out the window as bidding wars take place and countdown clocks tick down. Some collectors specialize in devices used for cheating during gambling games, which can be quite valuable and provide a fascinating peek into illicit schemes of the past. Others enjoy wood carved collectibles such as poker chip […]

Sports Betting 101 – How to Bet on Your Favorite Teams

For those just getting into betting sports, it is crucial that they understand all of the possible forms of bets available to them – these include moneyline bets based on probabilities of teams winning and Over/Under bets that calculate them based on several factors. Moneyline bets take into account factors like probability and other considerations […]