The Biggest Scandals in Casino History

Casino nights can be great fun, but gambling can also be risky business. Numerous scandals involving casinos have made headlines worldwide over time.

Casino history has witnessed numerous scandals related to cheating. From sports betting and card counting to other forms of fraud, each crime had its own way of harming casino reputations and damaging public trust in them.

1. Tommy Glenn Carmichael

Slot machines have long been an enjoyable way to pass time and win money, yet as with other forms of gambling there have been major scandals within casino history.

Tommy Glenn Carmichael was an infamous fraudster who defrauded casinos of billions through decades-long fraud schemes that utilized all manner of tricks and devices to hack slot machines and exploit slot machine vulnerabilities.

He created a top-bottom joint cheating tool, which enabled him to manipulate the payout mechanism inside slot machines and achieve millions of dollars worth of winnings over 20 years.

But his success came to an end as casinos introduced machines with random number generators that rendered him incapable of winning anymore and forced him to switch to smaller casino halls.

2. George Jay Vandermark

Gambling has long been one of the premier ways for individuals to spend their hard-earned cash. Unfortunately, however, this industry has also been riddled with scandals and allegations over time.

George Jay Vandermark’s case has caused considerable debate around casino gaming security. Vandermark was accused of skimming millions from slot machines at Argent’s Stardust Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.

Vandermark fled Mexico when subpoenaed by the Nevada Gaming Control Board; but his troubles didn’t end there.

Vandermark’s son informed investigators while in Mexico that his father was on the run and would be willing to testify against the Mafia. Investigators offered protection in return for his testimony, yet Vandermark never presented himself for questioning.

3. James Ivey

James Ivey was one of the most prominent figures in poker, yet was embroiled in various scandals and allegations, the biggest being from Crockfords casino who accused him of employing edge sorting to win huge amounts playing Punto Banco baccarat.

Ivey successfully argued in court that edge sorting was not cheating but rather an advantage play technique, citing his ten World Series of Poker bracelets as evidence of its success in tournament play.

However, Borgata casino also asserted that Ivey had defrauded them through edge sorting; their use of high-profile news outlets to spread these claims was an unnecessary misstep; since this case involved edge sorting rather than any form of cheating.

4. Michael Colbert

Colbert, who hosted The Colbert Report from 2005 to 2012, faced numerous scandals and allegations during his time on air, even engaging in legal disputes against former boss Les Moonves over sexual harassment allegations.

Colbert persevered despite these difficulties and eventually hosted “The Late Show” on CBS. He earned a dedicated following and is widely considered one of the world’s foremost comedians.

Colbert has also used his comedic persona for more serious causes, testifying before Congress on expanding rights for migrant workers and even making an address at the White House Correspondents Association dinner that has garnered mixed reviews.

5. William John Brennan

As President Barack Obama’s chief drone warrior and Middle East expert with Arabic fluency training, Brennan was at the heart of decision making regarding Osama bin Laden, the Arab Spring, Benghazi, ISIS, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Russian election meddling.

He successfully engaged difficult allies like Turkey, Egypt and Saudi Arabia in order to reshape American relations and contribute to President Barack Obama’s landmark Cairo speech which attempted to reset U.S. ties with Muslim countries.

Brennan had an intention to bring to light the facts surrounding Governor Chris Christie’s alleged involvement in Bridgegate. On a Tuesday in September, Brennan drove from Wayne to the federal courthouse in Newark on this quest.

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