The Casino Auction Experience – Gambling For Unique Collectibles

At an auction, logic often goes out the window as bidding wars take place and countdown clocks tick down.

Some collectors specialize in devices used for cheating during gambling games, which can be quite valuable and provide a fascinating peek into illicit schemes of the past. Others enjoy wood carved collectibles such as poker chip plaques, slot machines and roulette wheels as treasured items to show their passion.


The auction features unique items and experiences. Fans will have the opportunity to challenge Roman Josi to a game of blackjack, test their poker face against Juuse Saros or roll the dice with Ryan McDonagh – with proceeds from this event supporting hundreds of non-profit organizations throughout Middle Tennessee.

Wood carved casino collectibles such as chip holders, dealer buttons and casino signs are highly sought-after collectibles by collectors and can fetch prices in the thousands depending on condition, style and age.

Lot 92 features an outstanding collection of vintage Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks chips from three binder sets with various colors and denominations (Lot 92). Also of note in this auction is historical ephemera commemorating Sin City, including Rat Pack memorabilia from this auction and Royal Bayreuth porcelain piece called Devil & Cards by Royal Bayreuth; these are among hundreds of items being offered through online-only sale.

Gaming Equipment

Gambling equipment is another collectible that can fetch a significant sum at auction. Collectors are drawn to such pieces due to their historical importance; owning one helps connect collectors to an age of risk, glamour, and entertainment that no longer exists – for example owning one from Sands Hotel and Casino will increase its value due to being associated with Rat Pack members Meyer Lansky and Mike Shapiro.

Other collectors specialize in devices used to cheat gambling games, including trick cards, shaved coins and weighted dice. Although these crooked devices are often illegal to own, sellers should consult a professional appraiser prior to listing these items for sale.

GnashVegas guests can also participate in a silent auction for special experiences like meeting Predators players and coaches, leisure retreats, deluxe golf outings and indulgent spa packages – perfect gifts to remember this event by.


Collectibles often hold both an emotional and monetary value for collectors. Casino memorabilia provides collectors with insight into gambling history and culture.

Casino memorabilia often takes the form of hand-carved wooden pieces that showcase artistry and craftsmanship, which collectors appreciate greatly. Other memorabilia pieces may include devices used for cheating or scamming during gambling games such as trick cards, weighted dice, shaved coins or hidden mirrors.

Age, rarity and condition determine the value of these pieces. Items featuring sought-after branding, luxury materials, documentation and provenance often increase in price. Collectors authenticate such pieces in various ways such as weighing, measuring and scientific analysis to cross reference with chip company records or date them; collectors also frequently offer other forms of memorabilia at auctions for sale.

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